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On The Other Side

Marushka (aka Loa Myst)

Build your immunity against the bummer of mass hysteria with a hearty dose of hilariously candid and open-hearted company. This podcast welcomes the wanderers, misfits, so-called outcasts, weirdos and rebels with a cause. Amplifying multi-cultural voices, perspectives and courageous pioneers committed to creating a more inclusive world, podcast host Marushka shines light on heavy truths, boldly balancing irreverent humor with honor for the mysterious and the sacred. Growing up as a mixed race, gender fluid child in America tasked with overcoming a traumatic childhood, Marushka turned breakdowns into breakthroughs, building communities beyond the binary. From this global community of game changers, Marushka features unique and enigmatic guests who blend their love of tradition with their tendency to break the rules. Each episode tackles the tricky taboos of life's tougher topics, trading insights, wild adventures and unpacking paradoxes that empower us to live our best lives - waiting for us 'On The Other Side.'